Scienna offers ultra-flexible internet-based software and technical services to support its clients' mortgage-related due diligence, file review, underwriting, fulfillment, quality control, litigation-related research and data capture activities.

Scienna does not provide mortgage loan review or due diligence services directly to the market, but instead enables its clients to engage in these businesses without developing proprietary software platforms to do so, simultaneously decreasing their operating costs and increasing their agility.

Andor is utilized to support a wide variety of transaction types, including:

  • Acquisition-driven due diligence for seasoned and newly originated residential mortgages and REO, including non-performing and re-performing loans
  • RMBS securitization and sale support in the United States, Latin America and Europe
  • Origination quality control, both pre- and post-funding
  • Conduit and Fulfillment activities
  • Litigation-related research, for both defense and plaintiff sides
  • Government agency loan portfolio sale support
  • Data verification and quality control for submissions of loans to government agencies
  • Specialized review and data capture systems for small-balance commercial, appraisal/valuation, title and modification reviews, etc.
  • “Declined Loan” review and documentation systems